Ologies (podcast)

Ologies with Alie Ward, also acknowledged as Ologies, is a weekly science podcast hosted by Alie Ward. Each individual episode, Ward interviews an expert from a distinct scientific discipline (somnology, bryology, philematology, and so on.
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).[one] Ologies is generally 1 of the top rated three science podcasts on Apple Podcasts.[two] It is typically cited by university newspapers and blogs as an illustration of how to make science interaction a lot more available and interesting.[three][four][five]

Ward 1st had the notion for the podcast in 2002.[two] Further more inspiration designed when a pay a visit to to the Purely natural Heritage Museum of Los Angeles County in 2013 led into a weekly volunteer change and a occupation alter into science communications for Ward.[6] Soon after developing a pursuing on Patreon,[seven] Ward launched Ologies in 2017.[2] By February 2021, Ologies launched extra than one hundred thirty episodes and obtained a lot more than 50 million downloads.[two]

In July 2021, Ologies began releasing shortened versions of basic episodes termed "Smologies." Edited precisely for school rooms, Smologies episodes run roughly twenty minutes, and do not have profanity.[8]

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