The Paris Motor Show 2010 Targets The London Chauffeur Cab Driver And Company

Main car manufacturers in the world are becoming more and more interested in the Taxi, Chauffeur and private hire market and recognise the potential this market has in promoting the cars of the future since a chauffeur driven car or an executive car service driver is likely to spend 70% or more of its lifetime on the roads of cities like London as opposed to the private car that may only spend 10% doing the same.

Mercedes Benz

The Stuttgart based manufacturer is probably holding the biggest market share when it comes to the chauffeur industry be it individual operators or large executive car hire companies and this is highly demonstrated in cities such as Paris, Berlin and London which is the biggest chauffeur market in Europe. There is a new kid on the block in the shape of the S250 which will return 50 mpg but this is not scheduled for the United Kingdom chauffeur market. One Mercedes Benz S class however which is already in the company's chauffeur programme will get a new engine efficiency package which will improve the Mercedes Benz S350L CDI BlueEfficiency, the chauffeur's favourite, MPG readings even further.


Just like following Mercedes Benz in the London chauffeur market with the Audi A8 long wheel base and the off road 4X4 Audi Q7 which is the new addition to the UK Audi chauffeur programme, the third German manufacturer of luxury and executive cars is competing yet again with the first manufacturer of such luxury cars in the form of the new 4 door coupes that even VW has started to produce.
The Audi A7 will be a direct threat to the new Mercedes Benz CLS which is anticipated to be a more successful chauffeur driven car than its predecessor. This remains to be seen since the rear legroom and headroom are still not equal to the Mercedes Benz S class.

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